Taekwondo Ellicott City Maryland

General Children’s Program

(AGES 7 & UP)

The General Children’s Taekwondo Program is typically for students ages 7 to 13. This program begins the core foundational practice and training of the martial art and continues to work with students on the physical and mindful trainings. Students will learn and train Taekwondo, various aspects of character development, and overall fitness for a stronger body and a stronger mind.


(AGES 4-6)

The Little Dragons Program is the perfect program for our younger martial artists, typically ages 4 to 6. This program introduces students to Taekwondo and to continue building core fitness and character skills. This program helps our younger students to build physical fitness (balance, coordination, strength) and helps to improve concentration, memorization, discipline, and more.

Martial Arts Taekwondo Ellicott City Maryland
Martial Arts Ellicott City Maryland

Teens and Adults Program

(AGES 13 & UP)

Taekwondo is perfect for all ages! SMA offers exciting classes for teens and adults. Every class consists of a strong workout building core Taekwondo skills, strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and more. Not only does Taekwondo class improve your fitness level, but important self-defense skills and mind development as well.

A women’s class is also available.

Please consult with our staff for review to evaluate which program and schedule will be the best for you and/or your student(s).

Extended Programs

SMA Teams

Depending on your interests and goals to pursue extended training in Taekwondo, there are many opportunities to further your training in Taekwondo.

There are many team opportunities, such as the SMA Tournament Team, SMA Leadership Team, SMA Junior Leadership Team, SMA Demonstration Team, and SMA Elite Team.

Please consult with our staff for your specific goals and any area(s) you wish to further your study in.

Seasonal Camps

SMA offers safe, educational, exciting, and fun Taekwondo camps.

Students participate in a variety of training and activities, from Taekwondo classes, group activities, to field trips, and more!