The SMA Journey

Taekwondo in Ellicott City Maryland

At S-Martial Arts (SMA), we work together with our students to help them become champions in life: in martial arts, at home, and at school.

The SMA journey, as a student becomes a martial artist, focuses on both the mind and the body, strengthening the mental and physical well-being of every student. We have created a learning environment and a strong community. At SMA, we work with each student to continually develop and grow to greater levels of personal success.

S-Martial Arts understand the importance and value of an outstanding education. Our professional instructors are highly skilled, enthusiastic, dedicated, and patient. Our classes demonstrate a perfect balance of premier instruction, discipline, and enjoyment.
Together, the SMA family grows to become champions in life.

SMA is a 2019 Top Ranked KMS (Kukkiwon Membership System) Do-Jang. 

SMA is a member of the TaekwonAcrobatics Federation. 


Martial Arts Ellicott City Maryland
Taekwondo Ellicott City MD


Our daughter started tae-kwon-do with Master Seo when she had just turned 4. In a single 20 minute session, she went from hiding in mom’s shirt to kicking targets and saying “Yes, sir!”

She is now 5 1/2 and competes in tournaments. So far she has won two 1st place trophies for Sparring, two 2nd place trophies for Form, and one second place trophy for Board Breaking. Our son, at 3 1/2, has also just started classes.

Master Seo is absolutely magical with kids of all ages. He has a gift of playful patience that puts kids at ease and really helps bring out the best in them while at the same time earning and holding their attention and respect. He teaches the kids respect, self-control, self-discipline, and leadership, just to name a few core values. I fully credit him with both our kids making their beds every morning without any reminders from us!

My daughter has been going to SMA for the last 18 months. She started in the Little Dragons program and has moved to a Sr. Blue Belt in the regular program.

Master Seo knows how to help each student in a way that is right for them. His “one size does not fit all” approach has worked well for every student. Not only is he a great instructor, he is patient with the kids and always takes the time and effort to show them the right way to do the forms.

SMA also stresses values like respect, integrity and team work. My daughter looks forward to her lessons at SMA and wants to get a black belt in Taekwondo at SMA. I highly recommend Master Seo and SMA to any parent who is looking for excellent martial arts instruction in the area.